Things to do

Ferme des Bordes - the central courtyard

Provins : 12 kms from the Ferme des Bordes

Meander through the narrow streets of this medieval fortified town and visit its numerous sites and interesting buildings
- Tour César
- Medieval ramparts
- Collégiale St Quiriace
- Eglise St Ayoul
- Eglise Sainte-Croix
- The medieval catacombs
- Couvent des Cordelières
- The "Roseraie" gardens
- Grange aux Dîmes
- Hostellerie de la Croix d'Or (13th century - the oldest hotel in France)
- The Maison Romane museum
- Plus many other historic buildings in both the ville haute and ville basse (the "upper" and "lower" towns)
  …... and there are several restaurants of various different categories.

The château of Fontainebleau

53 kms from the Ferme des Bordes (1 hour by car )
Royal palace and country retreat of French kings and emperors over seven centuries.
1500 rooms, many of which are open to visitors, plus extensive gardens and impressive water features spread over a total of 130 hectares.

The château of La Motte-Tilly 

28 kms from the Ferme des Bordes (30 mins by car)
18th century château : country home of Joseph-Marie Terray, finance comptroller to Louis XV. 

The city of Troyes

85 kms from the Ferme des Bordes ( 1h 15 mins by car )
- Historic cathedral town : Ville d'Art et d'Histoire
- Cathedral of St Pierre and St Paul, Basilica of St Urbain plus other ancient religious buildings
- the historic streets of the St Jean and Vauluisant districts
- the Museum of Modern Art and the Musuem of Craftsmen's Tools 

The château of Vaux-le-Vicomte

43 kms from the Ferme des Bordes (40 mins by car )
Sumptuous 17th century château built by Nicolas Fouquet, finance comptroller to Louis XIV. ……so sumptuous that the king, envious of the masterpiece and doubtful as to the sources of its financing, had Fouquet arrested and imprisoned. Nicolas Fouquet never lived in his own superb architectural creation. 

The château of Blandy-les-Tours

37 kms from the Ferme des Bordes (35 mins by car )
13th and 14th century fortified château in the heart of a small village of the same name. 

The city of Meaux

55 kms from the Ferme des Bordes (45 mins by car )
- Ancient capital of the Brie, with its episcopal palace and cathedral close to the banks of the Marne river
- Musuem of the Grande Guerre (1st World War) : inaugurated 11th November 2011
- the Bossuet Art Musuem

The equally interesting, smaller towns of :
Moret-sur-Loing, Nogent-sur-Seine, Sens and Coulommiers
are all within easy reach of the Ferme des Bordes

The Forest of Jouy, with its abundant wildlife and flora, is less than 500m from the farm, providing for exhilarating walks and bicycle rides.
Riding stables (Impulsion Equestre de Chenoise) are a three minute wallk away.

We are within easy reach of both the Champagne and the Burgundy districts and Paris is just 85 kms away.